EJOT JZ3-SB-8.0 x 80/50 FZD 5.3" Metal Roof Solar Fastner for Metal

JZ3-SB-8.0 x 80/50 FZD

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For PV installations on metal panel roofs. Engineered for easy and rapid anchoring into metal substructures, the fastener forms its own female thread providing a tolerance-free connection in substructures of US steel gauge 16 or thicker (=1.5mm). Available with standard sealing element FZD or EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer on request. Length is variable to suit project.

The JZ3's specialised stainless steelthread design gives maximum fastening performance in steel substructures. It can be used with a wall thickness from about 1.5mm (0.059'' / gauge 16 (USG).