EJOT ORKAN Storm Washer for use with JA3 and JZ3 Solar Fastner


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Must Be Ordered in QTY 50 For PV installations on metal panel roofs using the EJOT JA3 or JZ3 Solar Fastner. Storm Washer size varies by metal roof Crown width and Angle of the trapezoidal roof profile.

Consistent load distribution when fastened onto the crown of a trapezoidal metal panel. The double corrugation on top of the washer guarantees high form stability and equal load transmission.
A buffer for the fixed distance between substructure and screw head.
The closed-cell EPDM rubber foam on the back of the washer compensates tolerances, since the crown of many trapezoidal metal panel profiles is slightly convex or concave-shaped. There is no “bridging” therefore moisture cannot reach the fastener's shank and consequently the interior of the building.
Minimal compression is required for permanent watertightness. Thus, the “deformation” of the metal roof crown is easily avoided during the installation process.
A more secure installation because the installer consistently penetrates the middle of the crown without damaging/ scratching the roof surface.
A higher initial torque can be applied without deforming the crown.
International test reports document increased load values through application of ORKAN Storm Washers on aluminum trapezoidal metal profile roof panels.